Tala is a young British lighting brand with a mission to create exquisite products
that have a positive impact. Guided by the founding promise of Conservation
Through Beauty, we want to accelerate the low carbon economy with thoughtful
product design and transparent practices.
The company was founded by friends at the University of Edinburgh with a shared
passion for design, technology and sustainability. While installing solar panels on
a hotel project in Porto, they suggested LED lighting to further boost the project’s
green credentials. The architect’s lament at their clunky design inspired a full
immersion into the latest technology and manufacturing processes to see how
far the design limits of the light bulb could be pushed. And so the world’s first
beautiful, sustainable bulb was born.
Since then, the collection has grown to respond to a variety of design requirements,
each taking inspiration from nature in their own ways. As well as implementing the
latest energy-saving technology, we champion materials and techniques that have
minimal impact on the environment and strive for a transparent, carbon-neutral
supply chain. This allows us to develop light bulbs that are built to last for 10
years or more. Indeed, we think of them not as commodities, but as resources in
circulation; and design objects in their own right.
Every element of our design has been chosen to create a contemporary and inviting
atmosphere in a variety of interiors. With an emphasis on technical sophistication
and quality components, what makes a Tala bulb unique is its uncompromising
focus on both design and sustainability.