Boum Swivel Stool

by Monica Graffeo

Boum comes in a stackable chair, swivel chair with fixed height or swivel stool adjustable in height by means of a gas piston. The rear body of the seat is polypropylene with the upper part of the seat in fabric. The seat is fitted with a handle covered with the same fabric of the upper part of the seat. The stackable chair version can stack up to 10 pieces (without the use of a trolley).

Price: $1,300.00 - $1,101.00
Please inquire for additional discounts or trade pricing


Four legs metal finish: Anodised aluminium, white lacquered aluminium.
Four legs body finish: white polypropylene
Swivel round base finish: brushed stainless steel
Swivel stand/footrest finsh: satin-finish chrome steel
Finish of cover: Teflon polyester fabrick (black, red). Field, divina md/divina melange 2and scuba fabric. Extrema au synthetic leather.


35 7/8" / 45 5/8" H, 18 1/8" W, 22 7/8" D,  22" / 31 7/8" Seat Height.

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Boum Swivel Stool Boum Swivel Stool Boum Swivel Stool