Insideout Ceiling Lamp

by Brian Rasmussen

Following the success of the first part of the collection presented in 2008, in 2009 the collection has been developed making InSideOut perfect for almost any space, a table lamp, a floor lamp and three sizes of ceiling lamps, small, medium and extra large.

InSideOut plays with ideas of light and shadow, movement and reflection. The perfection of the sphere is altered by adding and removing sections to create a pendant lamp full of movement and dynamism. Available in a series of colour combinations.

The sphere marks the beginning and end-point of this design, the perfect point of departure to which elements are rhythmically added and subtracted until we are left with a new surface: light with texture- InSideOut. Its like looking at the moon, from a distance it appears a perfect sphere, complete and impenetrable. It is only when one comes closer that one realises its surface is a mixture of light and shadow, craters and mountains. In and out.

Price: $895.00 - $1495.00
Please inquire for additional discounts or trade pricing


aluminium, structure in metal.


dia15.75" x 13.8"H  dia23.6" x 20.5"H  dia35.4" x 30.7"H

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Insideout Ceiling Lamp