Spindle Table

by Gordon Guillaumier

The theme of lightness is particularly dear to the designer of Spindle tables, as the starting point of his essential approach to design. Often the inspiration comes from everyday objects, or from traditional archetypes: this collection of tables is a perfect example of the latter category. The shape of the die-cast aluminum legs is reminiscent of the spindles once used to form and twist yarn, and it is joined to the slim, beveled profile of the table top, lending a pleasing softness and grace to the piece as a whole. The legs are removable and the tables are stackable, two features that make them particularly suitable for contract use, while the complete range of sizes of the top, both square and oblong in shape, mean they are ideal for an infinite variety of different uses.


Price: $2043.00 - $4,070.00
Please inquire for additional discounts or trade pricing


Top in blue or grey painted glass, smoked mirror, walnut or grey. Base in die-cast aluminum painted shiny or matt in white, grey, blue or orange. 



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Spindle Table Spindle Table Spindle Table Spindle Table