Traffic Low tables

by Konstantin Grcic

Soft, geometrical volumes, with fabric or leather covering, supported on slender, metallised painted metal rod frames: this is the starting point from which Traffic developed. This complete collection of upholstery combines simplicity with refinement, and uses colour as a multifarious and expressive language. Playing on different proportions, the basic concept of Traffic is elaborated in a number of different forms: an armchair, a two-seater and three-seater sofa, a bench in two versions, a chaise longue and an island. The collection has expanded further to include two low tables, one large, one small, and a high table, again with a metal rod frame, but with a top in artificial stone, adding another tactile sensation to the home and contract scenario.

Price: $605.00 - $1,231.00
Please inquire for additional discounts or trade pricing


Frame in steel rod, painted in polyester powder. Table tops in acrylic stone with dressed surface. Thickness 12 mm.


W 31.89", H 25.2", D 10.24"

W 23.62", H 13.78", D 23.62"

W 17.72", H 13.78", D 11.81"

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Traffic Low tables Traffic Low tables Traffic Low tables Traffic Low tables Traffic Low tables