Honest Structures

United States

At Honest Structures, we design and make furniture and organization systems. Our products look good and are highly functional. HS products are easily customized and configured to your requirements. We laser-cut, curve and fold hi-strength alloys into fluid, seamless, precisely manufactured products. Through these products, we create clean, cool environments for work, sleep and play. HS products are clearly thought out, cleanly manufactured and completely recyclable. Intelligent Design for The Everyday.

Beautiful & Highly Functional. We believe that the beauty of a product is in how it’s made, what it’s made of, what it does and how well it works. Cool to the touch, easy to clean, soft, smooth, reusable and truly sustainable. Not your father’s steel furniture.

Precise & Finest Quality. HS products are laser-cut and robotically formed. They are manufactured by the same people who make medical devices, cellular systems and automobiles. Good materials, tight tolerances and high specifications create precise products of the highest quality.

Speed to Site. Custom-made to your specifications within a week or two, delivered to most locations within 48 hours.

Modular & Customizable. Products across the entire HS Collection are designed to work well together. Our custom-fit approach tailors products to your specific requirements. We can create unique, application-specific custom products on request. In any color. At no extra cost.

Assembles Fast, Lasts Forever. HS products require no tools to put together. They interlock and assemble within minutes on-site, so you’re up and running in hours, not weeks. Rather than a new purchase, think about a refresh or color-change. Think long-term. Invest one-time, not every-time.

At HS, sustainability is always at the core of how we think, how we work, how we make.

We use only the finest materials to make products that can last forever. They can be refinished and refreshed whenever you’d like. Invest one-time, not every-time.

To ensure your installation looks and feels good for years [not weeks], we don’t follow trends. We design original, timeless products.

Products made with mixed materials can only go into landfills. We use no mixed materials.

HS products disassemble as easily as they assemble, in minutes. So they are fully recyclable with very little effort.