Jean Marie Massaud


Born in 1966 in Toulouse (France), Jean-Marie Massaud graduated in 1990 from Les Ateliers, Ecole Nationale SupÈrieure de CrÈation Industrielle. His collaboration with Marc Berthier and his work on town planning projects inspires him to fuse design and architecture. Consequently, he collaborates on many different aspects of design from furniture through to industrial products. His approach is centred on the search for a pure aesthetic, where the individualsí needs are always paramount. The key to his continued success lies in his ability to create magical designs that are full of vitality, and never ordinary.To date, he has worked for prestigious companies such as, Yamaha Offshore and Renault, Italian furniture producers Cappellini, and Cassina, and luxury brands Armani and Baccarat.In 2000 he founded Studio Massaud with DANIEL POUZET and orientated his activity towards architectural projects.