María Mengual


After graduating in Industrial Design at the Polytechnic University of Valencia and studying a Master’s in Graphic Arts, she founded Odosdesign in 2005 with Luis Calabuig and Ana Segovia. This multidisciplinary study developed the communication strategy for different companies and carried out artistic direction and visual communication projects for brands such as Gandia Blasco, Punt, Inbani, Bancaja and Levantina, among others. In 2016, she began a new professional challenge, becoming the new creative director of the international cosmetic brand 3INA. She created a multidisciplinary team between London and Madrid, where she strived to create a new brand identity, redirecting its visual strategy towards a new, more disruptive, honest and real approach to beauty. She developed a 360 project involved in the creation of new campaigns, social media content, web design, packaging redesign and the creation of a new store concept. In December 2019 she decided to embark on a new project of greater international scope in a completely different industry: food and drink. She moved to Dublin as Senior Design Manager for the global Pepsi delegation, from where she manages the global identity of brands such as Aquafina, Bubly, LIFEWTR, 7UP, as well as the company’s new visual sustainability projects. María is passionate about constant learning and has a proactive attitude in each of the challenges she faces. She has worked in different aspects of design and for different industries, but always with a common denominator: the use of design to communicate a concept.