Massimo Castagna


Born on 13/11/1957, he graduated in architecture at Milan Polytechnic in 1984 and started his professional career in 1986, when he founded the architecture and interior design firm, AD architettura. His main projects include the semipermanent laboratory Piramide, designed for the Italian National Research Council (CNR), set up in Nepal, at 5,050 m above sea level, in 1991. Used as a high altitude research laboratory, it was selected for the 18th Milan Triennale. In 1991 he started to pursue a career in interior decoration, providing designs and consultancy for training and renovation of furniture showrooms, and establishing partnerships with furniture manufacturers. His main customers include Minotti armchairs and sofas (exhibition and product design), Rossana RB kitchens (art direction, exhibition and product design), Ceccotti Collezioni (art direction, exhibition and product design) and Acerbis International (product design). Since 2000 he has been a lecturer in the interiors management masters programme organized by Federmobile at Polidesign, Milan. He has carried out a number of architecture and interior design projects for homes, hotels, tourist facilities, sales points and business buildings.