Nanda Vigo


Nanda Vigo (Milan, 1936 – 2020) lived in Milan and East Africa. She was interested in art from a very young age when she spent time in the company of Filippo de Pisis and when she saw the architecture of Giuseppe Terragni from whom she learnt to pay attention to light. After having graduated from the Institut Polytechnique, Lausanne, and having studied further in San Francisco, in 1959 she set up her own studio in Milan and exhibited her work in galleries and museums in Europe and Italy. In 1965 she curated the legendary exhibition “ZERO avantgarde” in Lucio Fontana’s Milan studio. Vigo’s work is interdisciplinary, combining art, design, architecture and the environment, and she was involved with numerous projects as an architect, designer and artist. What distinguishes her lively career is attention to and research into Art, something which has pushed her to collaborate with some of the most significant figures of our time and to always undertake projects aimed at promoting Art.