Studio 65


During the course of 1965, a group of architecture students started thinking that they wanted to become architects when they grew up. However, after having encountered the grown-up world (architectural and otherwise), they decided that, although they wanted to become architects, they didn’t want to become grownups. So, to make their dream come true, and following the example of Peter Pan, they built their own little happy island and called it Studio65. These young architecture students were also painters, who painted with powerful colours. As all young people do, they loved life to the degree of being ready to fight in order to build a fairer world, where imagination and their form of expression could find a space and be appreciated. They loved American Pop Art and films from the New America Cinema, the Nouvelle Vague, and the Italian avant-garde; Carmelo Bene, lonesco, Beckett and the Living Theatre. They listened to rock and jazz music, and they read Mayakovsky, Marcuse, Montale, and Asor Rosa, Tafuri and Simone de Beauvoir. During the early years of their professional activity - between 1969 and 1972 - the work offers were, above all, in the interior design and decoration sectors. Studio65, populated by a substantial group of newly graduated architects - and frequented by students and artists - found the way of both of expressing their imaginations in a project, and of offering the client and the cultural world a touch of irony and a critical approach to design.