TJOKEEFE is an American furniture and object design company based in Chicago, founded in 2010. With an emphasis on integrity and efficiency of both design and manufacturing, we strive to create powerful objects through compelling minimalism. Driven by philosophies in architecture, industrial design, and graphic design, our office applies the merit and parameters of all three to every object we produce. We approach minimalism in the truest sense of the word––aiming to achieve the greatest effect by the simplest means––because we believe the simplest solutions have the potential to be the most powerful. TJOKEEFE is committed to high-quality, local manufacturing. Each of our products is made within 150 miles of our downtown Chicago office. Our woods are sourced from sustainably farmed forests, and we work alongside our manufacturers to design products that create as little waste as possible.

TJ O'Keefe was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan in 1982. He received a BFA in industrial design and graphic design from the University of Michigan in 2004, followed by a master of architecture from the University of Pennsylvania in 2008. O’Keefe is the sole designer of all TJOKEEFE work.