by Francesco Rota

ADD's design is clean and essential. Its continual formal research in colors and materials makes the design even softer. ADD is a versatile system of modular seating, an extremely flexible project with the aim of meeting any need in the contract market with the possibility of being adapted for residential use too. The system is made of a base where you can put panel, seats, seat-backs and other devices, to obtain simple, compact modules, such as the small 2-seat sofa, as well as complex jointed seating systems which can be combined with coffee tables, trays, magazine racks or side tables including sockets to recharge smartphones or tablets. Each frame consists of extruded aluminum profiles linked by steel plates and elastic belts to increase the comfort of the seating. The single modules lie on 4 die-cast aluminum feet that are lacquered like the frame; when you connect 2 modules, you can avoid having a double foot using a special linking system made of a single foot. The very shape of the pads, being more stuffed in the middle draws attention to the seat itself. The same effect is also achieved by a marked, contrasting stitching. These features typically characterize an industrial product enriched by handcraft working. The seat-backs are padded too in order to provide support to the back and are thin and elegant.

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Die-cast & Extruded Aluminum, Fenix NTM 



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