by Gabriele & Oscar Buratti

An ultra-slim design, which continually surprises the eye with shapes that are light and airy from one angle, or purified and monumental from another, a marvel of optical illusion created with the simplistic and playful minimalism characteristic of designers Gabriele and Oscar Buratti. The internationally awarded duo has created a unique table with four slim legs unusually placed at 90-degree angles, resulting in optical effects ranging from near weightlessness to firm stability, while permitting flexible seating arrangements. The table, with an extra-thin top, is made of composite material veneered with precious woods, or in back lacquered glass. The top is supported by four legs in reflective polished stainless or brushed burnished steel and placed onto opposite perpendicular axes.

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Ultra-slim top made of:

_ composite material veneered with a dark stained walnut.

_ lacquered frosted white glass, float glass plate with acid-etched upper side (silky effect to the touch), and back-lacquered lower side.

_ lacquered glass, float glass plate in black color, extra clear glass in the colors white and warm grey, with smooth and glossy upper side and back-lacquered lower side.

The base is available in the following finishes:

– shiny steel.

– burnished brushed steel – glossy painted.

Supporting metal frame painted slate grey.



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