by Marcel Wanders

Blooms are the new Gufram icons born from the genius of Marcel Wanders that challenge your visual and tactile habits. These four seats, created in perfect harmony with the company's dreamlike spirit, defy any typological and restrictive definition and enrich that section of the Gufram's catalogue which finds in Nature an inexhaustible source of inspiration.
The model used to create the mould from which the products are made was created by a sculp- tor, and this is yet more proof of the close relationship between the brand and art. Texture and colour, vibrant and alive, are created by dripping different tones of the same colour. The Guflac finish – the special and unique paint patented by Gufram – makes it possible to make polyure- thane look like leather, while maintaining its flexibility and softness, thus transforming form into function.
Blooms are graceful and natural forms that help cultivate the imagination in domestic environ- ments and are ready to welcome one or more people, creating veritable blooming havens of relaxation that defy any definition.

Price: LIMITED EDITION *Inquire for special pricing*


Polyurethane foam with Guflac®.


49.6”L x 47.3”W x 24”H

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Bloom Bloom