by Marialaura Rossiello Irvine

The tables in the Bonnet family interpret the theme of soft, rational forms with architectural elan, introducing a touch of femininity into the MDF Italia collection that invites unprecedented social experiences. The legs, which resemble smoothed blades, rise up and embrace the tabletop with which they create a dynamic tension. The simple but bold asymmetrical and unusual shapes of the top have a strong personality that softens formal rigor with what the designer, Marialaura Irvine, calls a “radical whisper”. When combined, these tables can create unexpected compositions. The result of experiments with materials and colors, the sophisticated single-material finishes made with Coccioperla (a mixture of mortar, aggregates and crushed mother-of-pearl) give the surfaces a tactile, brilliant and vivid aura.


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The top is made of melamine supported by a metal frame that allows the top to be joined to the bases, both finished with the new Coccioperla finish, a material mix obtained from a mixture of mortar, aggregates and crushed mother-of-pearl. The spatula application process is entirely manual over the entire table surface and produces a unique texture that makes each product distinctive both to the eye and to the touch. The bases are made of curved metal and follow the angles of the top. Coccioperla finish in the same colour as the top.





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