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Organization is the key to higher productivity. With our Bureau metal drawers  you can tidy away your files and stationery and make finding them again easy. Made out of tough, dent-resistant steel, the drawers will keep your documents safe and the lock will ensure that no-one can access private information without your knowledge.The Bureau is equipped with a convenient stationary drawer with separate compartments for your pencils and pens. This will help you to keep your desk clear while ensuring that a pen is always close to hand.You can order your metal drawers with either a file sorter or normal drawers depending on what you want to store in them

Price: $728.00 - $982.00
Please inquire for additional discounts or trade pricing


Steel with aluminium lacquer.
Steel with white or black lacquer.


23 5/8" H, 16 1/2" W, 21 3/4" D

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