Cosy low table

by Francesco Rota

Cosy low table 1 and Cosy low table 2 are coffee table sets designed in large sizes; small architectural solutions with strictly rigorous lines. They also offer low parts for storage. Piece of accessory that contrasts with the soft volumes of the padded items to underscore their functional features for MDF Italia’s living-room.

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Cosy Low Table 1 produced in curved aluminium.
Cosy Low Table 2 made of high-pressure stratified laminate FENIX NTM, Open compartment with top tray in medium density fibreboard.


Cosy Low Table 1: L25.8"x D15.7" x H16.9"
Cosy Low Table 2: L27.8" x D21.7" x H16.9"

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Cosy low table Cosy low table Cosy low table