Dance Floor


Dance Floor is a project with disruptive and timeless energy that consists of rugs with surpris- ing shapes – circular, long and thin, all round – which play in a unique way with the optical deception of three-dimensionality. Curved and concentric lines determine the movement of the surfaces, which are characterized by a definition and a depth of color without equal. Available in shades of orange, pink, purple and black, the Dance Floor rugs, thanks to their big dimen- sions, are able to radically transform spaces: the disco mood invades the home with an energy that floors perception.

Price: $8,100.00 - $8,700.00
Please inquire for additional discounts or trade pricing


100% polyamide, tuffed and printed


10.23' x 9.51'

9.84' x 6.49'

6.49' x 114.17'

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Dance Floor Dance Floor