Exit 03

by Lino Codato

The exit interior doors collection offers swing door, folding door and linear sliding panels. These door panels, all custom-sized, are fashioned to fit into several applications. The versatility of the frame and track beam system allows for installation in and on walls and ceiling, as well as space saving retractable sliding doors, disappearing into interior wall pockets. In designing these new concept panels, our Exit doors series have been engineered to insure quick on-site assembly and installation. All precision parts are pre-sized to eliminate any additional cutting.

Technical features:

Wall and ceiling track beams: structure in multi-layered board with sliding profiles in aluminum. Closing element in wood-veneered multi-layered


Doorposts: structure in multi-layered board veneered in wood

Door panel: structure in wood-veneered pine-wood strip-board.

Glass: 6 mm. Laminated glass.

Exit03 gliding door series. Application shown: opening cased in Weng?with double pocket doors; door panel treatment shown with Weng?frame and interior panel of Maple, striped with inlayed Weng?Also shown:

Exit03 gliding door series. Application shown: opening cased in Cherry-wood with wall mounted sliding track beam; door panel treatment cherry-wood frame and interior panel inlayed strip of Weng? Also shown:

Exit03 swing door series. Application shown: Maple doorposts and framed door panel with interior Maple panel inlayed with Cherry-wood.

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Wooden finishes: Bleached oak, Bamboo, Cherry-wood, Canaletto, Maple, Palissandro, Walnut, Weng? and lacquered Glass finishes: Transparent, White Acid, Bianco Latte, Pois, Bronzo, Grigio Fum? and colored glass.


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