Faz Daybed

by Ramon Esteve

Faz lines arise from mineral crystallization; of its capricious play with light, surrounding us in a suggestive atmosphere of reflexes. The attractive movements of the lights and shadows generate a feeling of rhythmic and organic order, a refreshing illusion that enraptures a dream world of new realities. The daybed with parosol features a light top translucent fabric that utilizes batyline technology which acts as a sunshade. The mobile daybed has an option for an outdoor sound system that connects to smartphone and bluetooth technology built-in to the speaker system. It also has an option for LED lighting technology activated by a remote control. 

Price: $3960.00 Basic, $5945.00 Lacquered, +$1335.00 Bluetooth Sound System, +$380.00 Pillow Pack (set of 4)
Please inquire for additional discounts or trade pricing




70 3/4" x 70 3/4" x 35 1/2"ht 

see PDF for more details

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