Flow Chair

by Jean Marie Massaud

Flow Chair was rst designed in 2009 by Jean-Marie Massaud. Far more than just a chair, this versatile and exible product, with its constantly evolving design, has developed over time into a family of products that can satisfy any requirement or style. A curved seat and elegant prole blend in perfect harmony to ensure comfort and ergonomics alike. Flow Chair can be personalised thanks to a vast range of nishings and 10 dierent bases, blending against a variety of backdrops, from living rooms – both modern and classic in style – to the most sophisticated work environments, without radically changing its original nature. Available in black or white, or in a range of glossy and matt pastel colours called “colours of Japan”. The Flow Chair shell can be enhanced by leather padding or in any of the over 200 fabrics in the MDF Italia collection, to increase its natural comfort and personality.

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MASS-PIGMENTED SHELL: The shell,made from polycarbonate throughinjection moulding, is mass-pigmented in the matt colours white, lead grey, mud, green, avio blue and powder pink and has a standard double finish: gloss outside, and microgoered inside.

MATT PAINTED SHELL:The injection moulded polycarbonate shell features a paint finish in the matt colours white, lead grey, mud, green, avio blue and powder pink.


The seatings can be completed with upholstery: a thermoformed padded countershell with a small pad made from quilted polyurethane and polyester wadding. Optionals: upholstered PAD.


FLOW CHAIR BASES Only for black or white mass-pigmented shell 4-legged base,sled base,VN 4-legged steel base, LEM 4-legged base,fixed 5 point-star base,height-adjustable 5- point-star base on castors. FLOW CHAIR COLOR BASES For black, white and colored shells With central leg,VN 4-legged oak base,4-legged oak base,4-legged crossand crossbase. The bases are supplied in the same colour of the shell.




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