Hoot Rug

Wool is a primordial material; its comforting feel against our skin is as much an emotional phenomenon as a physical one. Hoot is a collection of handloom woven produced by Gan, inspired by the timeless quality of wool reduced to its very essence, comfortable, simple and raw. Almost as if it were a flock of tiny lambs permanently grazing in an indoors pasture. Whether under foot or lying on it, Hoot demands contact to be made. Manufactured in the time honoured manner of hand loom these rugs are the expression of the craft passed from generation to generation over the centuries.

Price: $1,490 - $4,180.00
Please inquire for additional discounts or trade pricing


100% new wool



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Hoot Rug Hoot Rug Hoot Rug Hoot Rug Hoot Rug