Hopper Shade

by Dirk Wynants

Dirk Wynants got inspired by the hop culture and his very own hop garden. He was thinking about the large groups of hoppers and farmers who used to celebrate the end of the hop picking season at long rows of tables. Also ‘The Peasant Wedding’ by Pieter Breughel ‘the Elder’ and the well-known beer festivals appeal to the same spirit of sitting together at a long table for pleasure and enjoyment. Hopper comes in 4 sizes which will allow you to ‘play’ with it and attain exactly the length you are looking for. Regardless of how long you make the row, boarding the hopper stays easy, thanks to four pass through zones on each table. Optional light, water and fire features and a new shade maximize the hopper experience. 

Price: $5,460.00 - $6,980.00
Please inquire for additional discounts or trade pricing


Stainless Steel Poles, High Tech Acryl Fabric, Concrete Base


7'11" x 8'10" x 6'11"h

9'10" x 8'10" x 6'11"h

11'10" x 8'10" x 6'10"h

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Hopper Shade Hopper Shade Hopper Shade Hopper Shade Hopper Shade Hopper Shade Hopper Shade