by Dirk Wynants

Inumbra & Inumbrina are unique because of their pure aesthetics. Easy to open and close: the parasols open and close by means of a separate handle (inumbra) or of a cord (inumbrina). All technical parts that open and close the screen are above inumbra(in)a's UV resistant fabric and consequently are not visible when seated under the parasol.

Price: $3,470.00 - $4,230.00 + Acessories
Please inquire for additional discounts or trade pricing


Stainless Steel, High Tech Polyester, Concrete, Powder Coated Steel Base, HPL Tabletop, Solid Surface Table Top


Inumbrina 38

12'6" dia. x 9'2"h,

Inumbrina 32

10'6" dia. x 8'3"h,

Inumbrina 25

8'2" dia. x 8'3"h,

see PDF for more details

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