Jak Desk

by Patrick Norguet

Patrick Norguet designs a small desk for Tacchini Edizioni that combines organization, privacy and exquisite structure. Antique and yet amazingly suited to this digital age, JAK has a light metal base that supports a top equipped with USB ports and a shelf, as well as a small compartment concealed by a small drop-front door. Also available in a wall- mounted version, Jak is an extremely elegant piece of furniture, capable of bringing a fresh, contemporary vibe to the home as well as hospitality settings. It is made with materials that highlight its subtlety and decorative charm.

Price: $3,528.00 - $3,888.00
Please inquire for additional discounts or trade pricing


Frame: Tubular metal base powder coated in corten
Shell: Metal powder coated in bronze/green color: with chrome insert.
Desk top and drop-front door in siena crown wood finish


Suspended: 46.06" L x 19.68"/23.22" D x 9.44" H

With base: 46.06" L x 19.68"/23.22" D x 37.4" H

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