by Giorgio Bonaguro

The softness of Brazilian furniture design between the 40s and 60s in the modernist architec- ture of Niemeyer, Costa, Vilanova Artigas and Bo Bardi provides the inspiration for the new collection of Joaquin tables by Bonaguro for Tacchini. In aesthetic terms, the linear, geometric shapes are a homage to the simple, elegant lines of Joaquim Tenreiro, considered one of the fathers of modern tropical design. In technical terms, the Joaquim collection was designed to salvage off-cuts, fully embracing the principles of upcycling and environmental sustainability, which are major linchpins of Brazilian creativity. The tables feature a metal frame with tops and bases in Patagonia or Elegant Brown 


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Frame: Metal in matt black chrome or bronze.

Top: Recycled Patagonia marble or recycled Elegant Brown marble. 



Coffee table
39-3/8” diameter x H 11-7/8” 100 dia x H 30 cm 

Side table
19-3/4” diameter x H 18-7/8” 50 dia x H 48 cm 

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