Kosmos ‘Oris

by Dirk Wynants

The Kosmos 'Oris is a special unit that is useful when you need to deliver a speech, message or lecture. Dirk Wynants has created the 'Oris in response to a request from the Design Museum in Ghent. In the 'Oris, the speaker stands at a higher level and has a good view over the audience. There is a step provided that can be flipped over, so that speakers can read their notes, and their appearance and body language are emphasized.

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Galvanised Steel, Glossy Powder Coated Aluminium, High Pressure Laminate, High Tech Polyester, Stainless Steel


70.9" dia. x 102.4"h

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Kosmos  ‘Oris Kosmos  ‘Oris Kosmos  ‘Oris Kosmos  ‘Oris Kosmos  ‘Oris