Link 1

by Bruno Fattorini and Partners

Link 1 Shelf is associated with the evolution of current design concept, that goes beyond the traditional vision of pure aesthetic dimension, to be a polyhedral object in which function, simplicity, innovation and project culture are merged. Link1 is a simple and pure sign capable of conversing with different shapes and of aggregating fairly with different products. A “universal” line, useful for every need, conceived to give birth either to endless compositions or end-use opportunities, with a considerable capability of adapting to space and the possibility of changing over time. Shelf available in the following lengths: L180, 210, 240, 270 and L300cm, D48cm H6cm. The “shelf” typology is also available in electrified version, with cable management door and back interspace to make cables pass and be hidden. 

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Top made from MD wood berboards, coated with: matt white acrylic resin, natural oak wood, carbonized wood, ne wood, Italian walnut, reconstituted stone, reconstructed stone white calce, reconstructed stone black slate, reconstructed marble in black Ebony, reconstructed marble white Carrara, diamond (glossy red) and brass sheet. The white acrylic resin nish matches with the Tense collection. The wood, brass, red diamond, reconstructed stone and reconstructed marble nishes match with the Tense Material collection. Shelf with bearing bracket (maximum capacity of 20 kg/ml)made from steel powder-coated inaluminium grey. Adjustable inclination with special soft perimeter prole, that enables an easy and perfect installation to make up for the various irregularities of wall structures.



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