Minima 30 Years Collection

by bruno fattorini

Minima received the Honorable Mention at the 18th Compasso d’Oro ADI in 1998, the Minima is an aluminum bookcase system comprising three pivotal elements—shelves, frame, and cabinets—that can be freely configured. Designed by Bruno Fattorini and characterized by its minimalist and lightweight lines, the Minima is one of MDF Italia’s most iconic products. For The Principle of Lightness Collection, the Minima has been reimagined in a hand polished aluminum finish and measures 184.5x188.5 cm. Polishing makes the whole bookcase shine, enhancing its simple design and the reduction of the cross-sections of the shelves and uprights. Each and every component is brushed manually using specialized rotary machines and abrasive/polishing pastes that remove any surface roughness for a smooth, shiny surface.

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Hand polished aluminum finish.



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Minima 30 Years Collection Minima 30 Years Collection Minima 30 Years Collection Minima 30 Years Collection