Mirror Lines

by Pitsou Kadem

An inspiration coming from the agricultural landscape, that at rst surprised, then guided, the architects Irene Goldberg & Pitsou Kedem to develop Mirror Lines, the new MDF Italia collection of six mirrors. More precisely, the irrigated elds and the rice paddies seen from above led the architects to resume the geometric patterns of that world, projecting them into a creative line of mirrors. The glance is exciting: in the frame painted either matt black nickel or matt pearl nickel, next to the light reected by the mirrors, decorative inserts in dierent materials stand out: Guatemala marble, matt white Carrara Marble, or in green onyx or brass, the latter with an iridescent eect. A furnishing solutions that irradiates vitality and energy, for an unusual, but original and highly involving overall view. “The opportunity to work with onyx and other materials allowed us to add nature in our design” the designers explained. “Marble and brass, so substantial and with changing colours, seemed to be the simplest way to pay tribute to the fruits of the earth, taming these materials to the rituals of everyday life”. Mirror Lines is a suggestive and customisable collection, to enliven the home walls with new geometries and surprising eects, t for both classic and contemporary spaces.

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Steel structure, 5 mm thick, powder coated in matt black nickel orin matt pearl nickel colour.

There are six formal, horizontal and vertical typeswhich, by accost or by design, can create big congurations, grand also in appearance. Each composition, including a 4 mm thick mirror with bevelled edging, is completed with decorative elements, specically: • BRASS: black medium density bres panel, veneered with a matt brushed brass sheet with transparent acrylic coating; • MARBLE/STONE: elements available in white Carrara marble, Guatemala marbleor greenonyx.



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Mirror Lines Mirror Lines Mirror Lines Mirror Lines Mirror Lines