by Paolo Zani

The graphic symbo of the Mustache collection is inspired by India, a civilization with centuries-old cultural, artistic and artisan traditions. Here, in the Varanasi region, these carpets are made as part of the STEP programme, which supports: respect for the rights of male and female workers and the protection of their health and safety, the prevention of illegal child labor, discrimination, forced labor and the promotion of eco-sustainable production processes. Adequate remuneration is also guaranteed in accordance with the principles of fair trade. These principles are listed on a label that accompanies each carpet. The carpets also undergo on-site checks to ensure their ethical and aesthetic value. Mustache carpets are made of high-quality polypropylene yarns, ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. The only precaustion required is to use non-slip mesh if the floor is very smooth. And if it is has a radiant heating system, it is necessary to check, over time, that it does not stick to the surface where it has been placed.

When used outdoors, we do not recommend placing the carpet directly on the ground or on grass for long period. When it has rained or humidity is high, it is better to slightly raise the carpet to facilitate drying. Routine cleaning should be carried out at least once a week with a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush, whereas cold water and a mild detergent can be used for more thorough cleaning. Immediately remove any stains caused by liquids and dab then with a clean cloth, without rubbing or weeting the area. When the stain has been absorbed, clean with a cloth and a mild detergent diluted in water, starting from the edges towards the center, then rinse and allow to dry. Repeat the procedure for stubborn stains. Remove any stains caused by dry materials with a soft brush or the rim of a spoon. Avoid using hard brushes, abrasive tools, bleaching agents and solvents, dry cleaning and high-pressure cleaners.

Price: $2,732.00 - $9,461.00
Please inquire for additional discounts or trade pricing


Yarn: 100% polypropylene. Weaving: handwoven on a loom. Water resistant. 


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