Naga Rug

textiles and rugs through the ages have been produced using the time honoured warp and weft technique, the plaiting of the longitudinal and the cross threads that compose an interwoven composition providing its strength and resilience. Whether it is to create the clothing or textiles that protect us from the elements or to furnish and insulate our living spaces the craft of weaving is common to all human societies and cultures. Naga is an expression in its most elemental form of the warp, using pure wool Felt to plait a combination of three chromatic tones to give depth and texture to this collection of rugs designed by Gan, a company dedicated to the search for optimum craft techniques from around the globe. Its motif is a celebration of the plaited felt technique, in an eternal pattern that crosses cultural boundaries and fashion predilections.

Price: $1,390-$1,890
Please inquire for additional discounts or trade pricing


100% new wool


5’7” x 7’11” / 170cm x 240cm

6’8” x 9’10” / 200cm x 300cm

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Naga Rug Naga Rug Naga Rug Naga Rug Naga Rug Naga Rug Naga Rug