by Pitsou Kadem

Pentagramma is the new living system designed by Pitsou Kedem for MDF Italia, a design with a strong personality that interprets the concept of the day system with sophistication by focusing on the value of lightness. Surprisingly simple to compose and install, the design develops from an extruded aluminum panel fixed to the wall, on which various elements, containers or shelves are hung. Its name was inspired by its construction: the wall-mounted back panel to which the accessories are hung to create the composition looks like a music stave or pentagramma in Italian, on which the notes are written to compose a tune. Extremely flexible and versatile, this system offers the possibility of reconfiguring the layout over time. Just a few elements are enough to obtain infinite combinations that fulfil different functions and situations of use, fitting seamlessly and with versatility into all residential and contract environments: in fact, it offers a valid storage solution for walls in the living area and office, but also for creating compositions in the sleeping area.

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The wall-mounted panel, the load-bearing structure of the whole system, is made of 20 mm thick extruded aluminum and available in various lengths (L150, L200 and 2L50 cm). The panels can be fixed to the wall using the aluminum bar provided, onto which the hidden panel brackets are hung. It can all be adjusted in three directions: horizontally, vertically and also frontally (sloping away from the wall).

The panels are completely covered in veneered wood, available in two finishes: bleached oak and Canaletto walnut. Horizontal wood grain. The panels can be placed side by side horizontally. Whereas vertically there must always be a 5-cm gap between one panel and another to allow for attachment of the shelf or open unit modules.

The shelves are made from a single piece of 8 mm thick extruded aluminum. A really simple intuitive system uses the cross-section of the shelves themselves to hang them on the wall-mounted panels so that the various modules can be arranged and positioned as required. An anchoring system is provided for safety. The various modules are available in a liquid paint finish in matt colors: white, lead black and shadow grey. The shelves are available in only one height but in various lengths (L60, L90 and 1L20 cm). The system is rounded out by a divider (left or right), designed to add movement to possible configurations.

The open units are available in only one height but in various lengths (L30, L60 and L90 cm). The L90 modules have an internal divider (right or left) that separate the space creating a partition, like the musical notes on a stave. The materials used are extruded aluminum for the back of the units, while the rest of the structure is made of panels in medium density wood fiber, laminated with aluminum to increase the resistance and sturdiness of the unit. All the open units are liquid painted in matt colors: white, lead black, shadow grey, burgundy red, English green, dune and blue to match the rest of the MDF Italia collection.

The LED system can be ordered as an accessory to fit to the lower part of the wall-mounted panels. Each panel can be fitted with the LED bars and will be provided with its own junction box and power supply unit. Color temperature 2700° K. Can be switched on/off using a remote control or dedicated app.




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