Pi-Dou Vase

by Alvino Bagni

Pi-Dou is the re-edition of the eponymous vase created by Florentine ceramist Alvino Bagni, who designed it shortly after visiting the Pompidou Centre in the late ’70s. The vase is formed by two intersecting elements, freely based on the tubes that run along the facade of the famous Paris museum. A sophisticated and modern object, made even more futuristic by the metallic finishes.

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Platinum/bronze: hardened Ceramic, hand glazed
Color - blue : glazed ceramic


9.84" L x 3.14" D x 11.81" H

11.81" L x 3.14" D x 10.23" H

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Pi-Dou Vase Pi-Dou Vase Pi-Dou Vase Pi-Dou Vase Pi-Dou Vase Pi-Dou Vase