by Ceretti Derossi Rosso

Pratone represents an irreverent design idea; light years away from the usual types of middle-class interior design of the 70’, it has then become a point of reference in the history of design. Long green stalks among which we can sink and lie, it is an unconventional seat, a chaise longue outside tradition values, a portion of garden deliberately out of proportion. Although having been conceived with a precise inclination towards serial composition - so much so that it can be integrated to recreate a whole carefree green field within the home walls - Pratone is in all respects a radical project - an icon of the anti-design cultural revolution. It is an object for single or collective rest - temporary, unstable, always to be conquered due to the elasticity of the material. Starting from two opposite mysteries - the grass as biological reference, and the material for industrial production as artificial presence - this seat finds its place among the formal research aimed to free people from some of the conditionings of their habitual behavior In 2016 Gufram presents his first and last Scandinavian product: The Nordic Pratone, with a limited edition production of 50 pieces, makes its contribution to the series of special projects from Gufram for the occasion of its fiftieth birthday.

On the occasion of Milano Design Week 2021, Gufram celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of one of its most famous icons: PRATONE®. Always careful to preserve the visionary and nonconformist spirit of Italian Radical Design, the brand once again pays homage to its history with a special edition of the most innovative seating in the history of design. PRATONE® FOREVER is the spin-off of its famous predecessor: open edition of the famous modular chaise longue which subverts the idea of “sitting down”, this new version preserves its surreal aesthetic but is covered in fabric available in three different tones of green, while its more contained dimensions make it easier to be inserted into any domestic space. PRATONE® FOREVER is the version which was born to celebrate the 50th anniversary of this timeless icon, a myth which reinvents itself and becomes eternal, approaching the dimension of furnishing more and more. While maintaining its soft polyurethane soul – a material which has always characterized Gufram products – PRATONE® FOREVER changes its “skin”: originally covered in Guflac®, the special paint invented and patented by the company to coat its creations in polyurethane while still maintaining their softness and elasticity, this special edition is covered in an elastic wool bouclé fabric that adheres perfectly to the eccentric forms of this out of the ordinary chair, ensuring excellent resistance to wear and tear.


Price: LIMITED EDITION *Inquire for special pricing*


Seat in soft polyurethane finished by hand with Guflac®.

Seat in soft polyurethane upholstered with bouclé wool.


55.2" x 55.2" x 37.5", fabric version 49.2" x 45.5" 36.6"

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