by Inma Bermúdez

Back to the essence

ROOTS is a series of four kilims made of jute and cotton that evokes the Mediterranean origins of Inma Bermúdez and GAN, extolling the work of artisans. Sobriety, warmth, and neutral tones are framed by a repeating square shape, in different scales and rhythms. Two stools, single and double, with a babul tree wood frame complete the collection. 



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Rugs: Fiber composition: 85% jute + 15% cotton

Stools: Acacia wood frame, jute and handwoven seat.


Rugs: 96x144 cm / 3'2"x4'9" - 96x240 cm / 3'3"x7'11" - 192x240 cm / 6'4"x7'11" - 240x288 cm / 7'11"x9'5"

Single Stool: 46x46x40h cm / 1'6"x1'6"x1'3"h

Double Stool: 82x46x40h cm / 2'8"x1'6"x1'3"h

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