S.S.S.S. Stool

by Philippe Starck

The unmistakable aesthetic character of Philippe Starck combines with the exceptional engineering work of Luigi Barei to create a piece that marks a new aesthetic, technological and functional milestone in the processing of steel: S.S.S.S., that is Sweet Stainless Steel Stool. This revolving stool is produced from sheets of steel plate in a range of thicknesses, to create eight elements that undergo a total of 90 different processes, from drawing to shearing, perforating and rimming, using technologies borrowed from the motor industry, to give shape to the basic product. Next comes hand-polishing, combined with an innovative surface-hardening technique, to give the steel a sheen that is as stunning as it is durable. The various parts are assembled with turned aluminium joints, ensuring absolute stability and durability. S.S.S.S. is also fitted with a gas-piston height-adjustment system, especially created for this stool with its unique design and production process: light, sturdy, appealing, suitable for use in any setting, indoors or out, and particularly perfect to furnish boats.

Price: $1,650.00
Please inquire for additional discounts or trade pricing


Adjustable in height with gas piston. Material: stainless steel. Suitable for outdoor use.


W 14.76", H 20.08"/ 32.68", 

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S.S.S.S. Stool S.S.S.S. Stool