Silai Rug

by Charlotte Lancelot

SILAÏ celebrates the beauty of the age-old art of the handmade where the time, care and patience needed to make something is reflected. It is a “savoir-faire” that is being lost, because we have less and less time, we use objects which we consume quickly, that can be replaced easily. Woven over a plastic grid, or a “framework”, the petit point are simple rapid diagonal stitching. The design of the carpets includes four types of distinct stitch that combined with each other in different ways create a beautiful harmony of colours and textures. The result: very light-weight carpets, comfortable and with a unique design.

Price: $2,650 - $3,850
Please inquire for additional discounts or trade pricing


100% new wool, PVC base



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Silai Rug Silai Rug Silai Rug Silai Rug