by bruno fattorini

Square is the new wall system featuring a simple design, far from decorations and “purged” of anything superfluous. The system intercepts the metamorphosis of furniture in the living area which, with the advent of the Internet and the big change in IT services, from equipped wall has turned into a furnishing object: a display unit more than a storage-one. In fact its function is to show, more than to store. Its storage function is both visible and concealed.
Square has been studied to develop an endless number of compositions with a remarkable capacity to adapt to space and to acquire variations during time. The product has ready-made holes to allow its use in the four main rotations. Every rotation corresponds to a different use and function, and also to a new design and dialogue.

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Medium density fibreboard, Fenix laminate.


Single element size is about L23.6” x H23.6” with shelf depth 7.1” and 9.84”, depending on the type.
ELEMENT X: simple panel
ELEMENT Y: panel with double shelf, depth 7.1”
ELEMENT L: panel with L-shaped shelf, depth 7.1”
ELEMENT T: panel with T-shaped shelf, depth 7.1”
ELEMENT C: panel with C-shaped shelf, depth 9.84”
ELEMENT H: panel with H-shaped shelf, depth 9.84”
ELEMENT Z: storage panel with H-shaped shelf, depth 9.84”

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