Super Position

by Jean Nouvel

Formal lightweight, graphic sign, simple design, harmonious aesthetics, essentiality are the hallmarks of Super_Position bookcase family, designed by Jean Nouvel Design. “Overlapped lines are a tribute to the lightness of horizontality. Uninterrupted vertical lines cross the shelves, which extend like small diving boards into the void. Objects, vases and sculptures can express their dierences of scale in empty spaces, in the niches in the middle or on the ends of the overlapped lines.” Jean Nouvel Super_Position is available in a monochromatic version,with the exception of compositions A-B-C-H-I where it is possible to select the color and/or nish of some shelves. These compositions (A-B-C-H-I) are available in twotone or two-material versions.

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Super_Position features uprights and shelves in extruded aluminium, assembled by using an invisible junction system, capable of ensuring structure stability and a special resistance to loads. Free-standing bookcase, with depth 40 cm. Aluminium upright Ø22mm, shelf thickness 20 mm, available in various lengths and heights. Entirely made of aluminum and 100% recyclable. Available nishes: matt white painted, matt black nickel painted and natural anodized brushed aluminum.


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