Tense Curve

by Piergiorgio Cazzaniga

Tense, MDF Italia’s elegant and versatile table, extends its already wide collection with a brand new proposal: Tense Curve, featuring a soft and sinuous silhouette. The new version originates from designers Piergiorgio and Michele Cazzaniga’s will to undertake new formal researches, that enabled them to approach the round shape, that allows to increase the conviviality of guests, who can interact when they are sitting, with no sight restrictions. Presently available in white resin, reconstructed stone andmarble, diamond, wood and carbon, Tense Curve can be ideally placed in both dining rooms and living areas, and in working contexts, where oval-shaped tables are increasingly appreciated in meeting rooms.

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Tables featuring mono-material finishes. The important technological innovation it incorporates, combined with the tensioning capacity coof mthpeo nents makes it possible to build tabletops in large sizes. The 35mm thick tabletop is a load-bearing composite board built with an internal frame consisting of either aluminium proles and polystyrene ller. 35x35mm steel legs with internal structural tie-rod. Height 73 cm. - MATT WHITE, made of acrylic resin and rock minerals. Tabletop, edges and legs covered with a 3 mm thick sheet of resin. - NATURAL OAK WOOD with transparent acrylic finish. Top, edges and legs coated by 3mm thick solid wood. - STONE, in reconstructed stone, transparent acrylic finish. Top, edges and legs coated with application of 3mm thick material. - CARBONE, created in solid natural oak wood, thickness 3mm, subjected to surface acid etching treatment applied by using natural acids without chemical additives. - MARBLE, this particular finish, reconstructed marble, is made starting with marble dust that has been mwixitehd a filler and is then spread manually over the entire surface of the table. Top, edges and legs are covered with a sheet of material in a thickness of about 3mm. - DIAMOND, an innovative material processing and stratification technique that is based on a special masscoloured concrete resin around 3 mm in thickness which is expertly combined with a binder and applied by hand all over the top in a deliberately irregular and non-uniform way. Surface, edges and legs with application of 3 mmthick material composed of a mass-coloured cement base and surface finish in glossy polyester. 



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Tense Curve Tense Curve Tense Curve Tense Curve