White Sofa

by Rodolfo Dordoni

The White Sofa is a white seating concept harks back to a number of particularly distinguishing aesthetic principles: the architectural idea of a sofa that has overlapping volumes with elements that jut out and act as tray tops. The large variety of seating arrangements and various configurations make White the perfect response to the widespread need for a sociable and welcoming living space and for a sofa that can be used for very relaxing moments. White is a versatile seating system that makes for agile, flexible seating projects. The White elements have a full seat back with arm rests and tray top lying on the base, while the White Sofa elements also have the seat back lying on the base, as well as the armrest and tray top, for an ideally seamless design. The PDF in 'Details' provides a detailed description of the technical features of White and White Sofa and highlights the large variety of seating arrangements offered.


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Variable-density resilient polyurethane foam padding with a channeled goose down quilted padding that enhances the softness of the upholstery. Upholstery with completely removable covers. Feet in molded aluminum die-cast extra-glossy, anti-touch pewter colored-finish. Protective Hytrel® glide (soft scratchproof rubber). Lacquered top in MDF frame assembled at 45° with beveled corners. Glossy brushed Sand and Granite-colored finish. Saddle hide top in wood frame with a thin polyurethane padding and covered in saddle-hide in Mud, Tobacco, Dark Brown or Black. The saddle-hide is enhanced by detailed hand stitching.



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