by Dirk Wynants

Anker (Dutch for anchor), is our compact six-seater picnic table. Looking at the table legs, it is obvious where it got its name. But there is more to it. Sailors drop anchor when they reach a place where they want to stay. In the same way, anchoring is about getting a grip on what matters in life. It’s about disconnecting from the daily rush we’re in, feeling at home. Want to create an eye-catching setup? Then combine the Anker with our Inumbrina parasol. Get creative by combining wood and steel in your favorite colors to suit you or your project. The Anker stays put: in your garden, on your restaurant’s terrace or in your company’s breakout space. For projects on large terraces, Anker tables can be lined up in a hexagonal grid system to fill the area with the minimum wasted volume, but enough room to easily move around. To keep the sun out and create a cozy ambiance, our hexagonal Inumbrina shades can be installed to construct a closed canopy roof above the Ankers.


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