Broken Bench

by Snarkitecture

Broken Bench is bench that does not abandon its function, but enriches and transforms it, by becoming an object of art and going beyond the boundaries of direct form-function correspondence. The project was born from the encounter between Gufram's – the most radical brand of Italian design – will to experiment, and the unmistakable planning figure of the New York duo Snarkitecture, who investigates the boundaries between art and architecture with the same curiosity of the first Italian radical designers from the Sixties and Seventies. The surface is surrounded by a soft polyurethane – a direct reference to Gufram's material par excellence – which is shaped like a break in the wall, a crack that reflects the surrounding space and at the same time creates an alienating optical effect, as if the room opened to the outside world or another environment. Thus Broken Bench is a project that ironically plays with a misunderstanding, leveraging on the concept of "soft/non soft". The polyurethane is rough-hewn entirely by hand; for this reason, each Broken Bench piece is slightly different from another, and it is thus a unique item. The effect similar to the texture of the wall is created with Guflac, a special paint patented by Gufram which is applied entirely by hand; it makes polyurethane look like leather while keeping its elasticity, thus allowing for unique aesthetical experimentations.

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Polyurethane foam with Guflac®.



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Broken Bench Broken Bench Broken Bench Broken Bench Broken Bench