Le Banc

by Xavier Lust

An icon of lightweight and thinness, that ts easily in private residences, as well as in museums, public gardens, waiting rooms, community venues. Indoor and outdoor spaces, therefore for this bench with an aluminium soul, whose strong personality is due to the extraordinary exibility of this material. A bench that sends a continuity and compactness feeling since it is composed either of a single aluminium or white painted bent sheet, or gloss lacquered sheet in white, red or black. What strikes the most is the sheet: only 6 mm thick! With this creation, Xavier Lust harmoniously combined design, material and function, in a brilliant and original way.

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Bench in curved 6 mm thick aluminium, in the following nishes:matt painted white X053, matt painted aluminium X059, gloss painted white X060, gloss painted black X061, gloss painted red X065.


47.24" x 15.74" x 17.32"

66.92" x 15.74" x 17.32"

86.61" x 15.74" x 17.32"

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Le Banc Le Banc Le Banc