Lim 3.0 sale

by Fattorini + Rizzini + Partners

An iconic makeover of the original lim table, the lim 3.0is light and thin with a modern identity. Available in multiple sizes, options, and finishes to suit any indoor use.



Retail: $6,112.00

Price: $3,668.00


Structure (Top, Legs, and Frame):
-Extruded Aluminum, avaiable in natural anodised or matte expoxy power coating (white or graphite grey)
-Lacquered tempered glass, available in white, black, dark red, avio blue, orange, and yellow.
-Satin finished ceramic, available in white, black, medium grey,and anthracite grey.
-Fenix NTM; an innovative nanotech laminate that is highly scratch and abrasion resistant, super opaque, anti fingerprint, and soft to the touch. Available in matte colors white, black, medium grey, and turtle dove.


35.4" x 94.5"

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Lim 3.0 sale