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Touch, handle, stroke and caress, lean on it and touch again with your hands, your clothes – imagine how much dirt sneaks on and settles on furniture. What about then the dust, mites and other bacteria that can’t wait to assault recliners, couches, tables, ottomans and cushions, and all the hidden corners in the house? What to do? First of all, you should always wash your hands and take off your shoes. Maybe use felt pads on your feet. Sure, if we could wash the home like we wash our hands, it would be much simpler and faster. A little running water, a little rubbing with soap, and everything would become clean, fresh and fragrant in the wink of an eye. It would mean freedom to every homemaker, a panacea for all desperate housewives, the perfect substitute for the hordes of housekeepers who patrol every day every cleft of our sitting rooms, bathrooms and kitchens. Gufram has been looking for a tangible answer to this age-old problem, and finally TOILETPAPER came in with the solution. Maurizion Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari have invented Soap, the universal detergent to be used in the whole house. For a very large house. A large bar of soap. Finally now everything can be cleaned in a fast and easy way: shelves and ledges, clefts and angles, ornaments, large closets and small couches. Everything clean – an extraordinary thing indeed. There remains just one big mystery: Who is the person with such a mandible as to be able to bite the bar of soap? A 77cm wide bite is no joke!!!

Price: LIMITED EDITION *Inquire for special pricing*


Polyurethane foam with Guflac® Ultra.


47.6" x 30.3" x 12.2"

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