by Jean Marie Massaud

Synthesis, reduction, lightweight. But above acoll mfort: these are the principles that eJan Marie Massaud has always been following for his creations. These principles were transferred into Yale collection of sofas and armchairs that in2 011 was awarded the prestigiousG olden Compass for its innovative vision of upholstered sofas and armchairs combined with a minimal support structure. In fact, it’s the lightweight of the aluminium composing the supporting base that “embraces” the sophisticated cushions lled with polyester wadding. Oering the chance to play with fabrics, nishes and colours, Yale with its strong identity adapts to every type of interiors, both residential and contract. Suchel aeng ance, puried from any mannerism and focusing on the product’s essence, can be also found in Yale X, Yale bed and Yale low table. 

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Frame in extruded aluminium with elastic belts, die-cast aluminium feet. The profile in steel,fixed to the frame,supports and holds the backrest cushions and the arm. The profile is painted gloss white or matt white, bronze, black nickel. With removable cover, in indeformable variable-density polyester wadding. Structural backrest cushions.



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